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High speed police chase can end in civil liability

High speed chase scenes may be exciting to watch on a movie screen, but in real life, they can be incredibly dangerous and life threatening. Many communities in Kentucky have rules that govern when a high speed pursuit is permitted and under what conditions the pursuit may continue. These rules may have been violated in a recent pursuit in Louisville and may have exposed the department to civil liability.

Monetary damages awarded to Senator Rand Paul in assault trial

People are generally taught that physical violence does not resolve disputes. However, in today's society that appears to sometimes encourage a 'might makes right' mentality, physical altercations are being used more often to settle disputes over various issues. A recent example of this resulted in a civil trial between Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and a neighbor accused of assaulting him.

Accident caused by high speed police chase

On a recent evening in the small town of Flaherty a group of teenage friends decided to head out for ice cream. It would turn out to be the last thing that they all did together. Two of the teens were killed in a crash resulting from a high speed police chase. The Kentucky sheriff involved in the accident is being charged with two counts of murder.

Man dies in an early morning pedestrian accident

A person out for an early morning stroll in Kentucky does not expect it to be his or her last. People walking along the roadway before sunrise can be difficult to spot. A man out for an early morning walk recently lost his life after being struck by a car in a fatal accident.