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Spring, motorcycles and a tragic traffic accident

Spring has arrived in Kentucky and people with summer vehicles are on the roads enjoying them. Motorcycles are among those vehicles. Some cars sport bumper stickers that bid other drivers to be on the lookout for motorcycles. As they are smaller and more maneuverable, they can be harder to see and can seem to appear out of nowhere. This can lead to a tragic traffic accident.

A man was riding his motorcycle near Keeneland Racecourse on a recent Sunday evening. The motorcycle was struck by a pickup truck on Rice Road. The man on the motorcycle was transported to Kentucky Medical Center suffering from life-threatening injuries. Sadly, he died at the hospital.

Police at the scene reportedly had reason to believe that alcohol may have contributed to the cause of the crash. It was not known if speed also contributed to the accident. They charged the driver of the truck with driving under the influence. The driver remained at the scene of the crash and was arrested and taken into custody. The accident remains under investigation.

Sudden death as a result of a tragic traffic accident in Kentucky can be overwhelming and cause immense grief and anger to the family and loved ones of the deceased. While no one can bring the loved one back, a consultation with a personal injury attorney can help inform a client of what legal options may be available. An experienced lawyer can review the situation and determine if a civil lawsuit is possible against the party deemed responsible for the accident. A successful claim can help with medical costs, final costs and pain and suffering.

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