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Recovering damages after a truck accident can be daunting

Auto drivers in Kentucky share the highways with the many commercial motor vehicles that haul cargo loads across the state. The sheer size of big rigs and the loads they carry give occupants of passenger vehicles little chance of escaping severe injuries or death in the event of a truck accident. When big rigs haul hazardous materials, the risks are even higher.

Although crash victims may seek financial relief through the state's civil justice system, liability is based upon a preponderance of the evidence of negligence. Establishing negligence could be challenging, and also determining the parties to name as defendants. Many big rig operators are excellent drivers, and fault in an accident might be that of the trucking company, employer or contractor who neglected vehicle maintenance or other responsibilities.

The task of identifying defendants can be even more daunting when the truck operator acts as an independent contractor, which brings up the question of the level of supervision by the company over the trucker. This could lead to various entities and their respective insurance providers being named as defendants. These could include engine or component manufacturers if a defect or malfunction played a role in the accident or even the shipper or manufacturer of hazardous cargo.

Anyone in Kentucky who is the victim of a truck accident that resulted from the negligence of other parties may be entitled to seek financial relief. Severe physical and psychological injuries typically lead to substantial financial losses, which could be exacerbated if the victim is unable to return to work. Most victims of such accidents reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney to navigate the ensuing legal proceedings.

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