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Unknown defective product may be cause of E. coli outbreak

People go to the grocery store and like to believe that the food being purchased is safe to eat. Past outbreaks of E. coli have caused people to realize that this may not always be true. A recent outbreak in Kentucky has caused people to get sick, and the defective product responsible for the outbreak has not yet been identified.

E. coli can cause acute diarrhea and stomach cramps. Other recent outbreaks of this strain have been traced to ground beef, leafy green vegetables and other forms of produce. The current alert is aimed at doctors and labs to alert them to patients presenting with similar symptoms. The health inspectors believe food distribution may be the source of the current outbreak.

Current reports indicate that there have been about 20 reported cases of food poisoning that appear to have been caused by the E. coli strain, and six of those people have required hospitalization. Most of the cases involve children and teenagers.  Being exposed to E. coli can be life-threatening, particularly for small children or for people with compromised immune systems. Anyone experiencing symptoms should seek medical help.

People in Kentucky who have experienced symptoms, or whose children have experienced symptoms, may wish to contact a personal injury attorney. While a family's first concern will be for the well-being of their loved ones, a knowledgeable lawyer can review the facts of the case involving the defective product and advise the client as to what legal options are available. A successful civil lawsuit against the party or parties deemed responsible can provide compensation for medical costs and other financial damages.

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