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Dangerous product linked to food poisoning outbreak

The United States is widely believed to have one of the safest food supplies in the world. This is due in large part to the constant diligence of the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In a continued effort to maintain the safety of food in Kentucky and around the country the FDA and CDC made a joint announcement recently regarding a potentially dangerous product.

Salmonella is again a concern and this time its presence is suspected in precut melons, including cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew and combinations of those. The fruit was packaged by Caito Foods, LLC and distributed in Kentucky and other states. The product was sold in clear clamshell containers.

A voluntary recall has been issued and while stores have removed the products from their shelves there may be products in consumers' refrigerators. Hence the recall applies to both vendors and consumers. A total of 93 cases of salmonella poisoning have recently been reported and 23 have required hospitalization. The symptoms include fever, diarrhea and stomach cramps and typically appear 12 to 72 hours after consuming affected food. The outbreak remains under investigation by the CDC and the FDA.

Food poisoning can be dangerous to the very old and the very young. Dehydration can be serious problem for anyone but can impact the old and the young quickly. A person in Kentucky who has suffered serious consequences of food poisoning as a result of consuming a dangerous product should consult with a personal injury attorney. A lawyer can review the facts of the case and help the client to understand the legal options available.

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