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Monetary damages awarded to Senator Rand Paul in assault trial

People are generally taught that physical violence does not resolve disputes. However, in today's society that appears to sometimes encourage a 'might makes right' mentality, physical altercations are being used more often to settle disputes over various issues. A recent example of this resulted in a civil trial between Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and a neighbor accused of assaulting him.

Senator Paul's neighbor was raking leaves on his own property and piled them on the property line to dispose of them. He disposed of them by burning them. The following day, the senator was raking his own leaves and was confronted by the neighbor. After confronting Paul, the neighbor allegedly attacked him and fought with him. The senator suffered rib fractures and later a hernia that was said to have been caused by the attack.

The civil complaint sought compensatory and punitive damages from the neighbor. Paul said he feared for his life during the attack. The subsequent trial resulted in a jury award of $582,834.82 to the senator. The award consisted of $7,834.82 for medical costs, $375,000 in punitive damages and $200,000 for pain and suffering. Paul stated that the case was not about him but about demonstrating that violence should never be the answer.

Violence should not be the solution in a civilized society. A person who is assaulted in Kentucky has the right to seek retribution through the civil justice system against his or her assailant. Someone who has been the victim of such an attack can seek justice by consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney and pursuing the matter through trial, if necessary. A knowledgeable attorney can inform the client of one's rights in the situation and work to ensure that those rights are protected.

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