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Accident caused by high speed police chase

On a recent evening in the small town of Flaherty a group of teenage friends decided to head out for ice cream. It would turn out to be the last thing that they all did together. Two of the teens were killed in a crash resulting from a high speed police chase. The Kentucky sheriff involved in the accident is being charged with two counts of murder.

A Meade County sheriff radioed that he was in pursuit of a pickup truck he had approached because he believed the driver was up to something. The truck sped away as the officer approached resulting in the high speed chase that exceeded speeds of 100 mph. According to department policy, high speed chases are justified "for a violent felony offense, or use of force likely to cause death or serious physical injury, or threatened use of such force." Dispatch records of this incident only mention that the officer was in pursuit because the driver failed to stop or was involved in a suspicious activity. Neither of these are reasons cited for conducting a high speed chase.

The high speed chase came to an end in a crash between the sheriff's vehicle and the car full of teenagers. If a pursuit crosses county lines, the pursuing officer should yield the chase to officers in that county. Records show that while officers of the other county did join the pursuit, the Meade County officer did not cease his pursuit until almost 10 minutes after he crossed the county line, culminating in the fatal crash.

The death of a child is among the worst experiences any person can encounter. If an accident in Kentucky is caused by a high speed chase involving police vehicles there may be grounds for a civil suit. A family facing such a situation may wish to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. A lawyer can review the facts of the case and can advise the client as to what legal options are available.

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