Protecting Yourself After A Car Accident

In a car accident case, we have found that presenting to the jury the theme of how a crash could have been avoided, save for the defendant's negligence, to be an incredibly persuasive strategy. Yet it requires an experienced personal injury law firm to build the evidence that will deliver on this theme.

Meticulous Case Development

A strong personal injury claim takes time and careful advocacy. This is compatible with the court's process and schedule, which may involve a timeframe of one year or longer.

Pursuing All Evidence Leads

To prove negligence, we will investigate the scene of the accident to understand your point of view as the driver. We may take pictures of the crash site, the damaged vehicles and your injuries. We will also request relevant documentation, such as the accident report, which may contain leads such as witness names.

All drivers are expected to abide by traffic laws and reasonably adjust to road and weather conditions. Evidence such as skid marks may be a clue of negligence, such as a defendant traveling too fast for the conditions, or perhaps running a stop sign or traffic light. We may even enlist accident reconstruction experts to interpret this evidence.

Comprehensively Evaluating Your Injuries

Our assessment of your injuries is equally thorough. We will review your medical reports, talk to your doctors and perhaps request that you create a daily journal of your symptoms and medical visits and treatments. Vocational rehabilitation experts may evaluate your ability to return to work.

Finally, we continue to discuss our legal strategy with our clients, particularly when confronted with a settlement offer. In some situations, a client may prefer to accept a slightly lower settlement to avoid the additional time and cost of going to trial. Similarly, the litigation hazards may warrant a settlement in other cases. Together, we will find the approach that fits your particular situation. To learn more about how we can help you pursue compensation for your injuries, call 606-302-2760. We offer a free initial consultation at our Middlesboro office. You may also complete our online contact form.