Claims Against Truck Companies

A claim against a truck company has some important differences from car accident cases. For one, the defendant is generally not the commercial truck driver, but his or her corporate employer. A big corporate defendant generally has the resources and resolve to litigate harder and prepare a tough defense. There are also special laws that govern truck drivers. At the Hayes Law Offices, we have the experience to go up against these big defendants.

Taking The Jury Into Account

A successful personal injury strategy must always account for the jury. In the example of a truck accident, our strategy is cognizant that many drivers are afraid of sharing the road with big trucks, so members of the jury likely can identify with this.

Investigating Regulatory Violations

Evidence of a regulatory violation, such as exceeding the hours of service restrictions, can be quite persuasive. Jurors may naturally presume that a truck driver committed a traffic violation if he or she had been on the road too long and was consequently sleep-deprived.

Utilizing Civil Discovery Methods

We know how to build persuasive evidence in our investigation, requesting items such as the truck log, the employee's training records and satellite service records if the company utilizes this tracking feature for vehicles in its fleet. Evidence that suggests that a truck driver was tired, overworked or undertrained could make all the difference in your case.

Seek Our Counsel After Your Truck Accident

Jurors also readily understand the destruction that big truck collisions bring. If we make a strong liability showing, the defendant may come forward with a settlement offer after the trial has begun. We will be at your side every step of the way, helping you make the decision that best suits your situation. Schedule a free initial consultation and find out today how we can help you in your truck accident claim. We are conveniently located in Middlesboro. Call 606-302-2760 or complete our online contact form.