What To Expect In A Personal Injury Claim

As your legal advocate, we view our role as both educating you about the legal process and recommending a strategy based upon the unique facts of your case. Since many of our clients have not been in court before, we often start by explaining the various stages of a personal injury.

Giving You A Straight Legal Opinion

Our clients appreciate our economical and straightforward approach to personal injury law. We never approach a car accident case or a claim against a truck company as routine. Nor will we waste your time by accepting a case where there is insufficient evidence. We listen carefully to your version of the facts to evaluate whether you can legally bring a claim for negligence via a personal injury lawsuit.

Analyzing The Facts For Negligence

A personal injury claim must allege that your injuries resulted from the defendant's breach of the applicable standard of care. Examples could include another party's violation of a traffic law or failure to remedy a product defect or known property hazard. If negligence was present, we will work on proving the liability portion of your case.

Evaluating The Full Extent Of Your Injuries

With nearly 40 years of legal experience, we know that successful legal strategy often involves multiple fronts. While investigating for evidence that proves the other party's negligence, we will also work on calculating your damages. The total compensation you seek may account for not only your immediate property damage and medical bills, but also other injuries, including pain and suffering, reduced earning capacity, future medical care needs and various other damages.

Contact A Trusted Personal Injury Law Firm

At every step in your personal injury claim, you can trust us to answer your questions and give you our honest opinion. We want you to have realistic expectations about the civil justice system and the range of compensation you might be able to recover in a lawsuit. If the other party makes a settlement offer, we will help you make an informed decision based upon your injuries and the strength of your case. Schedule your free initial consultation today at our Middlesboro office. Call 606-302-2760 or complete our online contact form.